The Valley Videography crew is comprised of Tys Burger and Josh Murphy. They were born and raised in the Valley, and have been engaging with film here for over a decade. They've been working together since 2015, and have several short films, branding videos, interviews, and now a feature length documentary under their belts. They have a special love for the businesses, people and landscapes of the Ottawa Valley and are excited to offer video services to anyone in the area. 

Tys and Josh are the perfect creative team. They each bring unique skills and expertise to their projects, and can handle all of your video demands (or at the very least, know someone who can!). Scroll down to meet them individually!

While Valley Videography is a business organization, you can find their creative work under the name Elytra Collective on Facebook and Instagram.

Meet the Team

At the premiere of our feature film: The Heart of the Valley

Since Grade 3 I always believed I would one day become a filmmaker. Now, at 26, I am grateful to say that dream is fully realized. I love the artistic qualities that the medium of videography is capable of conveying. Unlike other mediums, videography uses the combination of sight and sound to create a distinctive experience and connection with the viewer like no other.

Whether it be a wedding or branding video, these beautiful traits of the medium can be easily translated into whatever video you are looking for and I’m passionate about each and every project I work on.

Josh Murphy

I've been in love with movies for as long as I can remember. I find the camera to be an extremely captivating way to express an idea, and I love the mix of technical knowledge and intuition that coincide in the medium. 

Until now I had thought of video work as a passion that would come second to my other work in life, but the more projects I work on, the more I realize that this is what I want to spend all of my time doing. I have a variety of skills that benefit my videos, such as writing, making music, and directing. I look forward to sharing my passion with you or your business, and I will always do my best to capture your vision. 

Tys Burger